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By Scott Shapiro,


, December 19, 2019

, 3 min read time


  • Refreshed Home screen — your front page of the cryptoeconomy

  • Updated Portfolio tab — delivers more personalized insights about your investment performance

  • Expanded market insights — dynamic updates based on overall market and individual crypto price movements

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New Coinbase app Home on iOS

Millions of people turn to the Coinbase mobile app to see what’s going on in the world of crypto. We’ve been working to improve that experience by redesigning some core parts of the app, and offering new information for customers about their portfolios. Our goal is to empower people to confidently manage their crypto by providing a simpler, more informative experience.

New Home screen offering a quick overview of what’s going on in crypto

With the updated home screen in Coinbase app, we’ve made it easier to follow and track assets; see how individual assets and the markets are moving on a given day; check out the latest in crypto news; and an announcements section to help people discover new features, tools or opportunities from both Coinbase and the broader cryptoeconomy.


A more informative Portfolio tab

The new Portfolio tab is designed so customers won’t have to manually calculate or rely on third-party tools to see how much they’ve invested or what returns are over a given time period on Coinbase. The new Portfolio tab features:

  • Interactive chart: Explore the portfolio balance over its entire history on Coinbase;

  • Gain/loss: Track earnings on Coinbase over a specific period of time, including both potential (or unrealized) gains from changes in crypto prices, as well as realized gains from selling and earning crypto;

  • Returns: Track time-weighted returns on Coinbase;

  • Fiat-invested cost: Compare portfolio balances with an estimate of total fiat cost for crypto purchased on Coinbase; and

  • Aggregate balances: For customers with multiple wallets of the same currency, they can now see total balance at a glance.

Updated Portfolio view


Refreshed Prices tab

We also made it easier to see daily market movements at-a-glance, track top gainers and losers, and search for more than two-thousand cryptocurrencies in the Prices tab to explore their market performance and informational overviews.

As more features or trading tools–like USDC Rewards, staking, or recurring buys–are introduced, we are committed to giving customers better tools to understand the performance of their portfolios and explore the unique benefits of crypto.

We are beginning to roll these features out to a subset of customers now, and will gradually make them available to all of our customers over the coming months.

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