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Earn EOS while learning about the EOSIO protocol and EOS

We’re launching a new opportunity to earn EOS on Coinbase

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, June 1, 2019

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We hear from people that they’re always looking for trusted sources to educate themselves about new developments in crypto, and we want to help serve that need. Starting today, Coinbase customers around the world can earn up to $10 worth of EOS by watching lessons and completing quizzes about EOS and the EOSIO protocol.

EOS is a cryptocurrency built on the EOSIO protocol and designed to support large-scale decentralized applications. There are no fees to send or receive EOS tokens or use the applications built on it. Instead, by being an EOS token holder, you utilize the blockchain’s resources to interact with and operate applications on the network. In order to compensate the entities that run the network, they are periodically given new EOS tokens generated by the protocol, effectively substituting inflation for transaction fees. This creates an ecosystem where fees are effectively paid by the network as a whole rather than by individual users every time they make a transaction.

We expect earning to become an increasingly important function in the crypto ecosystem–alongside buying, staking, voting, and mining — especially when paired with education.

If you want to stay informed about future opportunities, please make sure you have verified your identity and opted into marketing communications with Coinbase!

You can check out the newly-launched Coinbase Earn homepage to keep up to date with the latest Earn opportunities. Click here for our Earn FAQ and terms.

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