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Crypto advocates in all 435 Congressional Districts want to make their voices heard

Tl;dr: More than 25,000 Americans across the United States – and from all 435 Congressional Districts – have signed up to be crypto advocates with #Crypto435. From Mansfield, Ohio to Havre, Montana, advocates want to make their voices heard on the future of crypto policy. Today, Coinbase is announcing two additional ways to get involved. First, join us on Friday, March 24, 2023 to launch Crypto435 Live, an opportunity to hear from Brian Armstrong, Coinbase Founder and CEO, about the policy issues that are important to you and ask questions. Second, sign an open letter to urge Congress to pass pro-crypto legislation.

By Coinbase


, March 20, 2023

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Just over two weeks ago, we launched Crypto435 to grow the crypto advocacy community and share tools and resources to make it easier for anyone to get engaged. Today we can confirm that more than 25,000 crypto advocates across all 435 Congressional Districts have signed up to make their voices heard on crypto. That means Americans in small towns like Mansfield, OH and Havre, MT, big towns like Reading, PA, and big cities like Houston, TX want to make a difference. 

While there’s a lack of regulatory clarity for crypto in the United States, it’s clear the U.S. has an active and engaged community that is eager to see pro-crypto policies at the state and federal level. That’s why today we’re excited to launch two new initiatives to make it easier to get involved.

First, Crypto435 Live is an opportunity to hear from people who are living and working in crypto policy. Crypto advocates like you can engage in a dialogue about the policy issues that are important to you, and learn more about crypto policy. Our first event will be on Friday, March 24 at 11am PT on Twitter Spaces. Kara Calvert, Head of US Policy will moderate a conversation with Brian Armstrong, Coinbase Founder and CEO and Faryar Shirzad, Coinbase Chief Policy Officer on the current state of play in Washington, DC. 

Second, we’re encouraging anyone who cares about the future of crypto to sign an open letter to Congress urging them to pass pro-crypto legislation. Policymakers should support the new, innovative, and disruptive technologies that are changing the world today. Your voice can be part of this call to action.

It's more important than ever to get involved. Elected – and unelected – officials in Washington, DC and your state Capitol are making decisions today that will impact how YOU engage with the crypto economy. #Crypto435 will provide the tools to learn about the issues, contact your state and federal representatives, and advocate for the pro-innovation policies that will protect consumers, national security, and keep crypto innovation in the United States. It's up to all of us to make sure that our representatives understand the importance of crypto and the benefits it can bring to individuals and businesses alike. 

Sign up to be part of the #Crypto435 campaign and sign the open letter today.

Disclosure. By voting you are expressing your opinion on pro-crypto legislation on the terms set out above. You understand the results of this vote, and any comments made in connection to the vote, may be shared with third parties at Coinbase’s sole discretion. Participation does not constitute an act of on-chain governance and no tokens or gas fees are required to participate nor will any be issued in connection with your participation. In order to vote, you may need to connect your self-custodial digital wallet (“Wallet”) using Snapshot. You are solely responsible for securing and keeping secure your Wallet, and any private keys necessary to decrypt your Wallet. You should never share your Wallet seed phrase or private keys with anyone via Snapshot or in relation to this vote. Coinbase cannot access or recover your private keys for your Wallet.  You further agree that Coinbase has no responsibility or liability to you in any way arising from your use of a particular Wallet to access Snapshot or participation in the voting, including for any security failures or other errors or failures of such Wallet.

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