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Coinbase wins Best Digital Asset Custodian Award in Singapore

Tl;dr Our APAC Institutional team was named the Best Digital Asset Custodian in APAC 2022 at HFM’S award ceremony in Singapore.

By Adam Rubinsztajn


, December 11, 2022

, 2 min read time

Last week, we were honored to win the Best Digital Asset Custodian in APAC 2022 category at HFM’s award ceremony in Singapore. This success underscores our integral role within the cryptoeconomy in enabling institutional engagement. It also highlights the performance of our institutional team internationally: a few months ago our colleagues in EMEA won the same category at HFM’s award ceremony in London.

The HFM Service Awards recognise and reward hedge fund service providers who have demonstrated exceptional client service, innovative product development, and strong and sustainable business growth. We celebrate the work and dedication of our APAC Institutional team; they have embodied these qualities from the start and are now being recognised through this award.  

Institutional investors around the world have shown interest in and begun their journeys into crypto. Enabling access to the cryptoeconomy for a range of local and regional institutions aligns with our mission to create economic freedom around the world through an open financial system. Digital assets enable greater efficiency in the financial sector and offer an unprecedented level of financial empowerment to institutions and people. 

And despite recent events, digital assets are here to stay. What the events of the past month have made clear is the need for regulated and transparent service providers to give institutions a trusted and secure bridge to the cryptoeconomy. That is why we’re proud to take home this award in recognition of the hard work and commitment we’ve made to deliver this gateway.

As we head into 2023, we look forward to continuing to support institutions of all kinds in their engagement with digital assets, providing best-in-class products and services. 

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