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Coinbase SMA adds seven model portfolio and index providers to the platform, expanding actively managed solutions for private wealth and institutions

TL;DR: Coinbase SMA has added seven premier model portfolio and index providers, or Strategy Creators, to its global separately managed account (“SMA”) platform powered by Coinbase Prime technology. Institutions, including large private wealth managers, can now access a spectrum of passive and active digital asset strategies from industry-leading Strategy Creators. This represents an exciting next step in Coinbase SMA’s plans to provide direct access to alpha in an evolving digital world.

By Coinbase


, November 15, 2023

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At Coinbase, we’re working hard to help update the financial system by building trusted, secure, and efficient access points for institutions because we believe crypto and blockchain technology have the ability to increase economic freedom and opportunity around the world. A key part of this mission is building full-service solutions for sophisticated institutional asset allocators. 

Today, Coinbase SMA announces the addition of seven Strategy Creators to its platform. Private wealth and asset allocators can now access a spectrum of passive and active digital asset strategies offered by the following Strategy Creators Coinbase Asset Management, CoinDesk Indices, Forteus Investment Management, Hilbert Capital, Hyperion Decimus, MarketVector Indexes and Tellurian-ExoAlpha. Powered by Coinbase Prime’s institutional-grade custody and execution tools, the platform allows the world’s leading digital Strategy Creators to provide asset allocators with best-in-class digital market access, strategies, and research perspectives.

Using Coinbase SMA, asset allocators can directly own digital assets at a qualified custodian while receiving the benefits of portfolio customization, and integration with portfolio reporting systems. The platform offers full front to back lifecycle management, allowing regulated institutions to focus on delivering for their clients rather than on building workflows and security systems.  

Adding seven premier Strategy Creators to the platform is an exciting next step in Coinbase SMA’s plans to build for the efficient adoption of new portfolio management solutions.

About Coinbase SMA: Coinbase SMA offers a diverse range of passive and active managed digital asset strategies through Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). The platform seamlessly integrates with Private Wealth and Institutional investment systems, presenting a selection of strategies curated by seasoned asset managers, index providers, and model portfolio creators (referred to as "Strategy Creators"). The Coinbase SMA platform was designed by Coinbase Asset Management, LLC (“Coinbase AM”) and built by Coinbase engineering teams. Coinbase SMA is a subsidiary of Coinbase AM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coinbase Global, Inc.    

About Coinbase Prime: Coinbase Prime is the leading institutional prime broker platform for crypto assets. Coinbase Prime is a fully integrated platform built specifically for institutions to support the entire transaction lifecycle including advanced multi-venue agency trade execution for 200 assets, custody for more than 360 assets, financing, staking and staking infrastructure, data and analytics, and reporting. Institutions can access Coinbase Prime directly via a user interface or as an integrated platform via APIs to offer crypto related products such as ETPs and ETFs, custodial solutions, or brokerage for their institutional, private wealth, and retail clients.

To learn more about Coinbase Institutional solutions, including more information about Coinbase Prime, click here

About the Strategy Creators joining Coinbase SMA:

The information below was provided directly by each Strategy Creator, not by Coinbase SMA or Coinbase Prime. 

About Coinbase Asset Management: Coinbase Asset Management (“Coinbase AM”) is a leading institutional digital asset manager, delivering investment strategies and infrastructure to bridge digital and traditional markets. Coinbase AM has deep expertise in trading and investing across digital and traditional asset classes. Our solutions are calibrated to remove barriers and promote the institutional engagement of digital assets subject to fiduciary standards.

Coinbase AM was previously known as One River Digital, the digital subsidiary of One River Asset Management. One River Digital was acquired by Coinbase on March 3, 2023. Prior to the acquisition, Coinbase was also a strategic investor in One River Digital. One River Digital made the first large institutional asset allocation to digital in November 2020, crystallizing gains of approximately +$1.1B for clients. Coinbase AM and team are advised by an Academic and Regulatory Advisory Council led by Jay Clayton (former SEC Chairman) and Courtney Elwood (former General Counsel for the CIA). Coinbase AM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coinbase Global, Inc. 

About CoinDesk Indices: CoinDesk Indices (CDI), a subsidiary of CoinDesk, has been the leading provider of digital asset indices since 2014. CDI is driven by research and a desire to educate the marketplace and empower investors. CoinDesk is the most trusted media, events, indices and data company for the global crypto economy. CDI has three distinct product lines: single-asset reference rates and indices, broad market and sector indices, and dynamic strategy indices. The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) has the longest index track record and underlies the world's largest digital asset products. The broad market and sector indices offer the most comprehensive suite of broad market benchmarks, and the investible sectors are constructed using CDI's industry-adopted taxonomy. The dynamic strategy indices help investors target specific outcomes.

About Forteus Investment Management UK LLP: Forteus is the asset management division of the Numeus Group, a global digital asset investment manager. Forteus is focused on liquid, actively managed digital asset investment strategies and is led by an experienced team with decades of experience from top-tier institutions, spanning traditional finance, technology and digital assets. Forteus has a strategic partnership with Schroders Plc, one of the largest asset managers in the world. 

About Hilbert Group: Hilbert Group is a Nasdaq OMX Nordic-listed asset management firm (ticker HILB B), specialising in systematic trading of crypto-currencies for its institutional investors. Since 2017, Hilbert's team of quantitative PhDs has focussed on applied quantitative research, algorithmic trading and risk management. The Hilbert Group Nasdaq OMX Nordic listing imposes regulatory oversight and transparency discipline. It also provides access to capital to enable ongoing investment in the Hilbert team and operating platform. Hilbert Group is committed to providing an operational infrastructure, including risk management and corporate governance, that meets the ever-increasing requirements of its institutional investors. Hilbert is the first portfolio company of Deus X Capital, the $1bn private investment firm specialising in crypto ecosystem businesses.

About Hyperion Decimus: Hyperion Decimus, LLC (HD)is a diversified, quant-driven digital asset manager with deep experience in both the tradfi and crypto spaces. Their fund and separately managed account offerings combine the team's pedigree in quantitative research, volatility trading, and software development in a multi-strategy approach to managing risk, upside capture and alpha generation within the emerging digital asset class. In its history, the HD was one of the first managers to run nodes, trade options, design OMS/EMS/PMS software and has traded well over $10 billion in crypto assets cumulatively. HD has also demonstrated successful counterparty risk management that helped it successfully navigate the challenging environment that the industry recently faced.

About MarketVector Indexes: With over $30 billion AUM licensed to published indexes, MarketVector has led the industry in index design since 2011, pioneering innovation with the highest compliance standards. MarketVector Indexes was first to launch a definitive suite of digital asset indexes with their flagship Bitcoin & Ethereum Benchmark Rates in 2017. With a wide array of single token, multi token, and category indexes, MarketVector Indexes tailors solutions to meet every objective, no matter how specific or ambitious. As the first digital asset index provider with regulatory status under the EU Benchmarks Regulation, MarketVector Indexes’ institutional-grade solutions are designed to follow and establish best practices.

About Tellurian-ExoAlpha: Tellurian-ExoAlpha is a London-based investment services firm developing next generation trading programs and systems in the field of digital assets. The Tellurian-ExoAlpha investment approach to digital assets is fully systematic and active, providing exposure to the asset class with controlled drawdowns. The investment solutions and funds are aimed at professional and institutional investors, and are managed by Tellurian Capital, an FCA regulated investment firm created in 2007.

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