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Coinbase provides Day 1 support of Aptos through custody, staking, and developer tooling

TLDR: Coinbase is making it easy to use and build on the Aptos blockchain from Day 1. Developers can build powerful Aptos applications using Coinbase Cloud’s Enterprise Node product. Institutional token holders can stake their tokens with Coinbase Cloud, or safely custody with Coinbase Prime. We're excited to make web3 more accessible for consumers, businesses, and developers around the world by working with innovative networks like Aptos.

By Coinbase Cloud


, October 18, 2022


Enabling a scalable web3 ecosystem

The Aptos network is designed to offer builders performance, efficiency, and enjoyable development. Making these benefits broadly accessible requires easy ways to participate and build on the network.

Blockchain networks like Aptos grow through proof-of-stake participation and builder innovation. Networks that grow and scale create a more robust and resilient web3 ecosystem, paving the way for new use cases. 

We worked closely with the Aptos team in preparation for their mainnet launch. Aptos builders and token holders can now use Coinbase’s suite of offerings across staking, custody, and development from Day 1 of mainnet launch. 

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a high-throughput Layer 1 blockchain designed with upgradeability, scalability, and user experience as key principles. Its technology stack includes unique components such as Block STM and the Move programming language to support faster transactions and security. Block STM is a multi-threaded, in-memory parallel execution engine for smart contracts, built for efficiencies in the transaction execution process. The Move programming language is a flexible, executable bytecode language that focuses on safety and makes it easy to build and execute on custom smart contracts, especially on the Aptos blockchain 

Interested in diving into the details of Aptos’ tech stack? Check out our guide.

Empowering Aptos builders with read/write access

Aptos developers can build robust applications with Coinbase Cloud Enterprise Node, which provides read/write access to the Aptos blockchain. Aptos lends itself into a number of use cases including defi protocols, wallet solutions, liquidity aggregators, decentralized trading, and more. Developers looking to benefit from this high-throughput chain can contact our team to get started.

Read/write access to blockchain data is the foundation of building a dapp. However, read/write infrastructure can be very complex to maintain, and requires dedicated engineering resources. The higher the throughput of a blockchain, the more complicated infrastructure can be.

Coinbase Cloud Node makes development simpler. By worrying less about the underlying infrastructure, developers can instead focus on building their products. They can access the data they need without skipping a beat, relying on Node’s high uptime (99.9%*). 

Institutional-grade staking and custody from Day 1

We’re excited to roll out support for staking and custody for Aptos from Day 1 of mainnet. 

Institutions and enterprises looking to participate on Aptos can stake with Coinbase Cloud, a security-first, robust platform that removes the complexity of staking, and helps offer protection against risks such as slashing or double signing that may result in loss of funds.

Institutions looking to custody their tokens can do so with Coinbase Prime and hold their digital assets with a secure and trusted partner. (Staking directly through Coinbase Prime is currently only available for genesis clients.)

Creating the multi-chain future

We couldn’t be more excited to help networks like Aptos prepare, launch, and scale their networks successfully. We have worked closely with the Aptos team to prepare for the mainnet launch. Coinbase has been an active ecosystem partner since our goal was to make it easy to participate and build on Aptos from Day 1.

We are proud to support innovative new networks, empower participation and development, and build the cryptoeconomy together. 


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