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Coinbase Cloud introduces unified developer docs

Whether it’s trading, payments, or integrating with blockchains or crypto services, start building the future of crypto with Coinbase Cloud

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, October 12, 2021

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Coinbase Cloud introduces unified developer docs

Despite the momentum we’re seeing in the crypto ecosystem, building on blockchains is still incredibly challenging. Developers frequently need to build bespoke software to integrate basic crypto activities like trading or payments into their product or service.

Coinbase Cloud is committed to empowering crypto developers by making it easier and faster for them to build their applications. As part of this commitment, we have launched a new and streamlined developer docs experience to help the next generation of developers use the APIs powering Coinbase.

Start integrating with Coinbase APIs

Developers can integrate with the APIs powering Coinbase from a single documentation site at Guides and references make it easy for developers to incorporate key crypto primitives like trading and payments into their products and services.

Trade with Exchange APIDevelopers can power high-volume crypto trading with Exchange API, accessing deep liquidity, managing their account, and getting market data.

Accept crypto payments with Commerce APIDespite the convenience and speed of crypto transactions, accepting crypto payments requires secure and reliable infrastructure. With the Commerce API, businesses can securely and easily accept crypto payments.Power crypto trading and payments with Exchange and Commerce APIs.

Simplify how you interact with blockchains using RosettaBuilding cross-chain products and services, or creating integrations between blockchains and other crypto services, are among the most challenging tasks for developers. Each chain has a different set of rules governing interactions. Using our open source project Rosetta, asset issuers can integrate their blockchain to any crypto product or service that uses Rosetta. Crypto developers can standardize how they interact with multiple blockchains, and build cross-chain applications faster.

Easily connect Coinbase Wallet to your dApp: Using the WalletLink SDK and documentation, developers can easily and securely add support for Coinbase Wallet to their dApp, making it simpler for users to onboard and transact on mobile and web.

Make user onboarding easy with ‘Sign in with Coinbase’: Sign in with Coinbase lets Coinbase users easily sign in or sign up for a developer’s third-party app or service through their Coinbase accounts. With this integration, developers can broaden access to their product or service among existing Coinbase users, while reducing the need for their customers to manage multiple usernames and passwords.

Sign in with Coinbase also lets developers use Coinbase APIs to take permissioned actions on behalf of their customers, such as buying, selling, depositing, and withdrawing crypto, to deliver an even more seamless customer experience.Offer your users an easy way to sign in or sign up for your product or service using Sign in with Coinbase.

Build the crypto future

Coinbase Cloud gives developers an on-ramp to building crypto applications and services, speeding up development timelines, and allowing teams to focus on improving their product instead of managing crypto infrastructure. We will continue to release additional APIs and services as part of Coinbase Cloud. This is only a first step in what’s to come.

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