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Announcing the Coinbase Summer 2022 Community Ambassador Program

TLDR: Apply for our summer 2022 Community Ambassador Program. If you live and breathe crypto or you’re simply crypto-curious and want to gain more exposure to the industry, this is the perfect opportunity. Program rolls out June through August 2022. Application deadline is May 23rd.

By Mengfan Zhang


, May 9, 2022

, 4 min read time

Announcing the Coinbase Summer 2022 Community Ambassador Program

Coinbase is announcing our Summer 2022 Community Ambassador Program!

We are building upon the successful launch of our Community Analyst Program (CAP) in January this year, when we recruited 15 talented part-time students and professionals to help Coinbase conduct crypto research. Our community ambassadors researched areas such as DeFi, NFTs, wallets, Layer-1 protocols, scalability solutions, and other exciting web3 innovations, which helped inform Coinbase teams on web3 trends. Their work supported internal research teams, the Coinbase University Program, international growth, and the Developer Relations team. Following the program, our ambassadors reported that their crypto research and analytical skills improved, and they were more motivated to work in crypto.

We’re excited to welcome our next cohort of ambassadors this summer. If you live and breathe crypto or you’re simply crypto-curious and want to gain more exposure to the industry, this is the perfect opportunity. CAP enables you to gain experience in the exciting crypto industry, with opportunities to educate yourself on top crypto trends, and to make an impact on Coinbase and the crypto ecosystem at large.

Our mission is to increase economic freedom in the world, and to help accomplish this we want to onboard a large and diverse group of people aligned on this common goal.

Which Coinbase teams will CAP support?

CAP’s Summer 2022 cohort will recruit ambassadors to support the following areas/teams at Coinbase:

  • Developer Relations

  • Crypto Research & Content

  • NFT Research & Analysis

  • International Growth

  • Coinbase Ventures

Why Become a Community Ambassador?

At Coinbase, we believe it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of the cryptoeconomy, which means developing the next generation of talented crypto leaders to drive growth for the wider industry.Community Ambassadors work remotely as part-time contractors and will have access to the following benefits:

  • Hourly wage

  • Opportunities to build relationships with the Coinbase team, your cohort and the crypto community

  • Opportunities to influence Coinbase initiatives

  • Career development opportunities

  • Coinbase gear

  • Unique Coinbase Ambassador NFT badge

  • Full-time or internship opportunities at Coinbase

Who Is Eligible to Apply for the Program?

University students, graduate degree students, full-time professionals and crypto community members, who are 18 years old or older, are encouraged to apply. Because CAP supports numerous Coinbase teams, we are looking for ambassadors with diverse skill sets, including:

  • Familiarity with the crypto industry and blockchain technology

  • Experience using dapps

  • Passionate about crypto and insatiably curious

  • Available to work 10–20 hours per week

  • Experience and skills in any of the following categories: 1) Venture research & reporting, 2) Content creation, 3) NFT research, 4) Online community management — Discord/Telegram, 5) Event planning & logistics operations, 6) Collecting crypto community signals, trends, & insights, 7) Translations — into APAC or LATAM local languages, 8) Technical skills such as programming, smart contracts, and product testing, and 9) Creative design — videos, images, memes etc.

What will Coinbase Community Ambassadors do?

You will be assigned to one of five Coinbase teams based on your skills and interests. Your primary responsibility will be to support your assigned Coinbase team’s goals. We encourage you to be self-motivated and dedicated to producing measurable results while exploring the world of crypto. Duties may include both online and in-person components, such as:

  • Generate periodic research reports, articles, or bite-sized analysis on emerging trends, community sentiment and grassroots activities

  • Embed into crypto communities, participating and building relationships in community hot-spots throughout Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and elsewhere

  • Attend in-person meetups or crypto industry conferences as needed

  • Weekly and ad-hoc tasks assigned by your assigned Coinbase team

  • Track your weekly progress and report to your assigned team

  • Average commitment of 10–20 hours per week

When does the program start?

The next Coinbase Community Ambassador Program will take place June through August 2022. Recruiting will begin May 2022 and we will aim to give offers by the end of May.

How do I join?

To join, please submit the application form here. If selected, you will have a call with our team to ensure our goals and expectations are aligned. If you advance past the initial interview, our onboarding process will begin and more details will be shared at that time. The application deadline is May 23rd, 2022.

Once hired, community ambassadors will be contracted through a third party and will not be engaged as official Coinbase employees. Becoming a Community Ambassador can lead to opportunities to expand your role such as potential Coinbase internship offers and full-time employment offers. More information about opportunities to participate in a Coinbase internship or full-time offer will be provided upon successful completion of the program.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email <>

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