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Advancing economic freedom for our veterans and service members

By Philip Martin


, November 11, 2021

, 3 min read time


This Veterans Day, we’re committing to investing in our extraordinary veterans and service members. Our mission is to increase economic freedom in the world, and our work has always been driven by the fact that we believe we can help to build a more fair and equitable financial system for everyone.

As a veteran myself, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of service. I’ve also seen how difficult it can be for some veterans to be afforded the opportunities to translate their incredible skills learned in service to the business world. To harness that potential and recognize the vital and unique talents of our veterans, we are partnering with the following organizations: Bunker Labs, The COMMIT Foundation and ShiftOur partnerships will focus on two core areas:

  1. Committing $200,000 to each partner organization to support their mission to advance economic opportunities for service members, veterans, and their families

  2. Dedicating an additional $1 million for a new fund to create unique incentives for veterans and service members to learn more and participate in the cryptoeconomy. This will include bespoke training, networking, and career development opportunities

Alex Krongard, CEO, The COMMIT Foundation: “On this Veterans Day, I am truly grateful and humbled by Coinbase’s amazing contribution towards helping our service members and their families transition into meaningful and purpose-filled post-service lives. Their sense of service and commitment to their communities and our nation is of incalculable value and needed now more than ever. Again, my sincere thanks and a promise that the COMMIT team will continue to do our utmost in support of our veterans.”

Mike Slagh, Founder & CEO, Shift: “Shift is over the moon to partner with Coinbase to create new educational and career advancement opportunities within crypto and blockchain technologies for the military community. Our veterans represent one of our nation’s most resilient and diverse workforces, and our community’s passion for learning gives me belief that veterans have an important role to play in the modern workforce. The dedicated members of the Coinbase team have graciously volunteered their time to support our community since our company’s founding days, and I’m so grateful to begin to scale the impact that veterans and military supporters at Coinbase are already creating with military members, past and present.”

Blake Hogan, CEO, Bunker Labs: “With the commitment and financial support of companies like Coinbase, veteran entrepreneurs across our great country will have access to the professional networks and educational resources they need and deserve, to take on the challenge of starting a business. We are excited and grateful to partner with Coinbase and thank them for their support.”

Moving forward, we will continue to develop additional programming to support veterans and service members. That includes contributing to these existing partnerships while also recognizing the unique skills and attributes of our veterans as we build a championship team at Coinbase. To that end, we also look forward to adding more talented veterans and service members as we continue to grow.

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