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30+ assets now supported on Coinbase Custody

Since the start of 2019, Coinbase Custody has rolled out support for 20+ new cryptocurrencies. It’s our goal to offer a safe, regulated and insured storage platform for all the assets our clients request and that pass our internal evaluations.

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, May 6, 2019

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Over the first half of 2019, Coinbase Custody has been busy adding new features and support for the assets that our clients have requested. We recently became the first institutional-grade, qualified custodian to offer staking services for assets held offline. We’re also among the first to offer OTC trading directly from cold storage. These offerings are allowing our clients to participate in all facets of the cryptoeconomy — trading, staking, governance — all while keeping their assets securely offline and protected by our comprehensive insurance policies.

On the asset front, we’ve added support for nearly 20 new assets over the first few months of 2019, taking our total asset support to more than 30. These assets include popular cryptocurrencies like Augur (REP), ZCash (ZEC) and Tezos (XTZ), but also smaller-cap projects like FOAM (FOAM), Kin (KIN) and Maker Dai (MKR).

The number-one driver of our decision to support assets is client demand — we prioritize the assets our clients need. In addition to client demand, we have developed a robust internal process to evaluate and approve assets for Coinbase Custody. Over the coming months, you should expect to see more assets supported on Coinbase Custody, but please keep in mind that asset additions to Coinbase Custody have no bearing on whether they will be added to other Coinbase products. Asset additions for trading must pass our Digital Asset Framework.

Coinbase Custody is building the world’s leading crypto-native custodian. If you’re interested in helping to build the utility phase of crypto, the team is hiring.

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