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2015: The Year of the Bitcoin Developer

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, January 6, 2015

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Bitcoin is the first open protocol that allows permissionless innovation in the financial services industry. While there have been some interesting applications built on top of Bitcoin to date, we think that the innovation in the space is just getting started. A primary objective for us in 2015 is to drive bitcoin adoption by helping developers build great applications.

Our API allows developers to do what they do best: build products. By using the Coinbase platform, developers can leverage our banking relationships, security, storage infrastructure, and compliance. We’ve built a platform we would want to use ourselves if we were just getting into the space.

If you’re a current or prospective developer on the Coinbase API, or if you’re simply interested in the more technical side of our products, visit our new developer blog here. On the developer blog, we will be announcing changes and improvements to our API, showcasing interesting apps, and sharing developer best practices. If you’re just getting started with your app or idea, see our API documentation here. And don’t forget to follow @coinbaseapi on Twitter.

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