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Coinbase Apps

Browse third party applications powered by Coinbase API. To learn about developing your own apps, visit the API Overview.

  • CoinManager

    by Dylan Marriott · (1)

    Coinbase for OS X

  • Gliph

    by Gliph, inc. · (3)

    Easiest way to buy and sell using Bitcoin. Social messaging to connect with friends and send Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Can

    by Mokhtar M. Khorshid · (3)

    Windows phone 8 Bitcoin trading app

  • Coin for Coffee

    by Card for Coin · (2)

    Coin for Coffee let's you spend your bitcoin at Starbucks™.

  • Bonafide.io

    by Bonafide.io · (1)

    Bonafide.io is a reputation and trust platform for Bitcoin.

  • Bitfluence

    by Bitfluence.com · (2)

    Send and receive bitcoin on Twitter! Simply login with Twitter, connect your Coinbase wallet, and start sending coins!

  • CoinBar

    by Duncan Cunningham · (2)

    CoinBar - A Mac Coinbase Monitoring Program

  • Bitcoin Dashboard for Android

    by YG Park · (1)

    Bitcoin Dashboard is an app that summarizes your BTC and other cryptocurrency balances scattered across multiple pools, exchang...

  • BitTip

    by Coinbase · (2)

    Send Reddit users tips they can redeem directly for Bitcoins

  • CoinCPA

    by CoinCPA Accounting · (1)

    Accounting platform (with API) for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

  • Backslash

    by Stagnum Labs, Inc. · (2)

    Backslash is the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin

  • Streamtip

    by NightDev, LLC · (1)

    The best way to collect tips on live streams

  • Purse

    by Purse · (1)

    Save 8-25% on Amazon!

  • Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WHMCS

    by ASPnix - Anaxa, LLC · (5)

    The Coinbase Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS is the-module if you want to accept Bitcoin payments with your WHMCS billing syst...

  • CryptFolio

    by CryptFolio · (2)

    CryptFolio lets you keep track of your cryptocurrencies, investments and equities using public addresses and read-only APIs.

  • Aircoin

    by Didier Hilhorst & Raphael Schaad · (2)

    Aircoin’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to send Bitcoin to nearby users.

  • Coin Ledger

    by The 0.000000014286% · (4)

    Know your Bitcoin value.

  • BitSpotty

    by H16E, LLC. · (2)

    BitSpotty displays the Coinbase spot price on a continually refreshing app badge on your iOS device.

  • BitGo

    by BitGo, Inc · (2)

    A multi-signature desktop wallet service. Integration with Coinbase allows users to view their balances.

  • WIFI Metropolis

    by WIFI Metropolis · (2)

    Verify WiFi hotspots, earn points, redeem for bitcoin.

  • Coinbase Android

    by Coinbase · (10)

    The official Android application for Coinbase

  • BitcoinTaxes

    by Denebrook Software LLC · (4)

    Calculates Capital Gains Taxes and Income for Bitcoin

  • CoinPlanter

    by Zach Alam / FormalPoint · (4)

    A mobile bitcoin geotagger!

  • Bitcoin for Windows Phone

    by Miguel Rochefort · (6)

    Add Bitcoin support to your Windows Phone wallet.

  • CoinExchange

    by Black7 Software LLC · (3)

    Get better buy and sell prices on Coinbase by entering orders like a stock exchange!

  • CoineryApp

    by Zach Ferland · (1)

    Easily sell your digital products and accept Bitcoin. Sell to anyone anywhere with zero fees.